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How do I get bspoketv and on what channel?

We are available on many vMVPD systems. To find out for sure, and to determine what channel number has been assigned to bspoketv in your area, check the channel listings provided by provider.

How can I get air dates and times for Bspoketv shows?

You’ll find complete show listings for today and every day for the next week on the show schedule page.

Why don't my TV listings match bspoketv's schedule?

bspoketv offers one feed, Eastern Time Zone — bspoketv repeats primetime shows, which enables programs to start at the same time for viewers on both coasts.

Which bspoketv shows are broadcast in High Definition?

As of 2019, most of our shows can be seen in HD.

Can I watch episodes of bspoketv programs on demand?

No, bspoketv is a linear television service. Many of our shows have YouTube channels where you can watch specific segments on demand.

Is there insider info about current shows in bspoketv's e-mail newsletter?

Yus. bspoketv sends updates every week with details about currently airing shows, including links to exclusive video clips, behind-the-scenes blogs written by cast members, and other articles on To get the e-mail newsletter, sign up here

How do I unsubscribe from bspoketv emails?

Follow the instructions for un-subscribing at the bottom of each message.

How can I be on a bspoketv show?

When casting new shows, bspoketv often reaches out to viewers. To apply, check out the latest casting notices.

How do I submit a story or show ideas to bspoketv?

Because of several factors, including the volume of mail, employee safety, and legal issues, bspoketv cannot accept unsolicited creative ideas or materials.

How do I apply for a job at bspoketv?

To see job listings for open positions, go to the careers site.

If I write to bspoketv, will my letter or email get to the bspoketv staff?

Someone at bspoketv reads all emails and letters. Learning what you like and don’t like, when we’ve done well and when we’ve fallen short of your expectations, helps bspoketv determine what kind of programs to produce, how best to promote and schedule them, how to keep you informed of changes, and how to build, update, and improve our site. Unfortunately, because we hear from so many viewers, we can’t send a personal response to every e-mail.

Do I need to have an active Internet connection to access bspoketv’s distribution partners?

Yes, you will need an active high-speed or wireless Internet connection to access bspoketv.

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