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Join our channel and expand your media to world of television. We are constantly looking for brand new talent to showcase on bspoketv. There are many benefits of being a talent creator on bspoketv.

  • You can reach a unique group of video consumers that YouTube can’t.
  • We keep your video untouched and completely in your control.
  • Receive an aggressive advertising revenue split.
  • All videos are non-skippable, immersive content format that allows the audience to engage with your show.
  • Exploring a “lean back” television experience.
  • With absolutely no extra work on your part.
We showcase the best talent creators.

“Working with bspoketv has not only provided me with a brand new audience for my content, it has also given me access to new clients that I never would have received anywhere else!

Being able to say that your on TV in Europe? Priceless. I highly recommend partnering with bspoketv if you want to get your content out in front of a new audience”

Payton Dale
Payton Dale is a Nashville-based, rock and roll, body positive stylist with over a decade of experience in the fashion industry.

“I was so thrilled to included in Meet The Creators on bspoketv! The team so friendly and approachable and it felt like a natural flowing conversation.

I was featured alongside some other amazing creators, so it felt great to be in good company.”

Austen Tosone
Austen is a fashion and beauty creator, blogger, YouTuber, writer, and consultant based in New York City.
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